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Is Pool Chlorine Safe for Dogs?

If you let your pup go swimming with you in a pool, you might be wondering, is chlorine water safe for my dog? Here, we’ll discuss the differing levels of chlorine ingestion by dogs and what to do about them. Because chlorine tablet manufacturers make chlorine tablets...

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Why Americans Should Train Their Dogs?

Why Americans Should Train Their Dogs?  If you ever been in a restaurant in Europe you've probably seen people with their Dogs lying quietly under the Table. They have been trained to survive in a human society. Isn’t this our obligation as a pet owner? It isn't...

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Need Special Medication for your Pet?

Need Special Medication for your Pet? Many pets and people have unique medication needs; the dose or the required dosage form to administer the drug may not be available in a commercially manufactured product… Not all Compounding Pharmacies are the Same! For these...

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UVB Ozone Therapy for Pets

UVB Ozone Therapy for pets is good for prevention and treatment of many diseases and for preventive health care can be performed regularly. HVH uses Ozone and UVB light for any and all diseases including cancer. Ozone is O3 (one Oxygen molecule plus one unpaired O)...

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Like Turning Back the Clock

Like Turning Back the Clock. Does your dog struggle with pain when you take him for walks? Is it hard for your cat to get up and down the stairs? Just like us, our pets can lose mobility and suffer from age-related pains, as they get older. Acupuncture can ease your...

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Puppies and Kittens Need Blood Work Too!

Puppies and Kittens Need Blood Work Too! It begins with your healthy adoption or purchase and continues at the first visit to your veterinarian. When pets come in for first vaccinations, they are given a thorough physical examination. This is called a wellness...

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Cat Misbehavior 101- Litter Box Problems

Cat Misbehavior 101- Litter Box Problems: Feline veterinarian addresses cat urination problems due to your cat's health or misbehavior. Are you finding wet spots on your carpet? Your bathmats? Your wood floors? Or your brand new king size bed? No, your house hasn’t...

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What We Can Learn From Our Pets

From the onset of pet ownership, it's natural for pet parents to proactively train a new pet and set boundaries where possible for its health and safety as well as other family members (including existing pets). Before one actually acquires his/her first pet, to an...

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