How Much Do You Love Your Pet?

Utilizing Technology Can Help Ensure Your Pet’s Quality of Life 

It is becoming extremely important these days to ensure we document everything about our pets, beginning as early as possible.  This includes their temperament, idiosyncrasies, behaviors, health history, etc.  All too often, and for a host of reasons, pets are surrendered to a shelter, handed over to a new family, or fostered while waiting for a new fur-ever home.  The downside of this is the very familiar situation of the pet finally being re-homed, but its new parent quickly realizes this new union is not a good fit, and the pet ends up in a shelter (or worse). Had the perspective new pet owner received past history of the cuddly fur baby, the revolving door could have possibly been prevented. This history is also an invaluable tool that can be shared online among your existing professional pet providers from trainers to groomers to veterinarians, etc.

Another recommendation and clear necessity is Estate Planning for our four- legged family members.  Life happens, and from time to time we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to make the painful and heartbreaking decision of how we’d like our furry loved ones to be cared for, in the event we can no longer do so ourselves.

As pet parents, it is our responsibility to take good care of our pets and try to provide them with the healthiest, safest, and happiest life possible.  This includes doing our part, even in the event they are no longer in our lives, to help guarantee they have a continued future, safe and free from harm and/or mistreatment. So consider documenting your pet’s history as a necessary step to ensure his/her quality of life in the future.

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