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Critter Cozy’s focus is on pet safety and their well-being, whether that is safety in the home, on the road or out on the high seas! We also aim to make life easier for physically challenged pets.

Our product line focuses on bringing you the best products for your pet.

Our website at is broken down into categories so finding they type of product you are looking for is quick and easy.

The leashes and collars light up or are reflective making your pet more visible at night. We have specialty collars and leashes that have a “Caution” messages printed on them such as I will be bite, medication needed, visually or hearing impaired.

On our Travel Safety products page your will find pet seatbelts and carriers that have been crash tested for safety. We even have aids to calm the nervous traveler!

Home safety products such as Fire Alert decals that will alert Emergency responders there is a pet(s) inside. The portable animalarm will alert you of environmental temperature changes in your pet’s environment before a catastrophe occurs.

Water safety offers pet life jackets along with waterproof lights to assist a water rescue at night.

Our special needs products range from pet wheelchairs to back, leg and hip braces.

We don’t stop there! Critter Cozy offers a hands on Pet First Aid and CPR class. This 5 hour training class teaches an array of topics and how to handle the situation if the need arises. Knowing what to do when your pet has a medical emergency can mean the difference between life and death.

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Be sure to visit our web site, as there is much more available for your pet’s safety and well-being.

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