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We are proud to be your source for all of your pet’s pharmaceutical needs. Compounding is our process of creating “custom” prescriptions for your pet.

Certain conditions are best treated with medications that are not available in standard commercial formulations. In order to be profitable, drug manufacturers only mass produce medications in popular doses and dosage forms. Yet the best strength, flavor, or dosage form for YOUR PET may not be available.

By contrast, compounding of medications means making prescriptions that meet your pet’s needs. With compounded medications, you will be provided the most effective treatment, delivered in the most appropriate and convenient dosage form. By partnering with you, we aim to enhance your treatment options and improve your pet’s results by customizing medications to meet your needs.

Each patient is unique – shouldn’t their medication be?

How Can Compounding Help You?

  • By customizing medication strengths
  • By solving dosing problems with individualized, patient specific dosing
  • By making medications that are dye-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, preservative-free, lactose-free and/or gluten-free
  • By making medications where there is a manufacturing shortage
  • By making medications that may no longer be available
  • By adding flavors to help ‘make the medicine go down’ easier
  • By making a pet’s medication easier to administer

Any one of these compounding services can help with medication administration and compliance.

Common Dosage Forms

Customized dosage forms that we currently compound for patients include:

  • Capsules;
  • Creams, gels, lotions & ointments;
  • Transdermal creams & gels;
  • Nasal, topical, and oral sprays;
  • Oral solutions & suspensions;
  • Suppositories & rectal rockets;
  • Troches & lozenges;
  • Sterile injections;
  • Animal treats

If you do not see a dosage form that is needed for your patient, simply ask!

Foer’s Pharmacy has strict guidelines for preparation of compounded prescriptions to assure quality and uniformity. We carefully equip a non-sterile and sterile compounding laboratory for human and veterinary customized medications. Our compounding laboratory reflects state-of-the-art technology where equipment is calibrated daily and certified bi-annually. Foer’s Pharmacy utilizes FDA-approved active ingredients, modern equipment, and supervision from specialized compounding pharmacists.

Patient Reviews:

“Found a reasonable price for my brand name prescription – something CVS not my health insurance nor the two on a conference call could do. They go the extra mile that can make all the difference. AND last week when I went on vacation and forgot a refill they were super helpful getting me what I needed locally. Best. Pharmacy. EVER.”

“This pharmacy is beyond excellence. Truly exceptional making sure my needs were taking care of every way possible and ever means possible to make sure I had the medications and amounts needed before I left their business. Truly concerned for the wellbeing of the patient and not the old mighty dollar. Thank you very much Foer’s pharmacy my new home for my prescriptions and concern for my health care needs.”

“Great pharmacy that has stuff the big chains don’t, and has nice people, all in a small business environment.”

“You’ll want to try Foer’s. The pharmacists and technicians are quick, precise, helpful, and kind. These folks know business, they know pharmacology, and they know how to tie it all together into a great experience.”

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