Gone Away Services

Aerial Burial Process

I have two sizes of dispersal containers depending on the amount of ashes being dispersed. The cremated ashes don’t have a lot of weight to it so we normally ad weight with a variety of grass or wild grass seed. A perennial seed will come back to mark your aerial burial site. We can add a Red, White and Blue aggregate if you want to do a 4th of July theme shot.

If someone wants to go out with a bang we can do a high pressure shot which will disperse the ashes over a larger area. It normally takes more than an acre of land area to allow the cannon to position it’s self so is disperses down wind. Rainy days are not recommended for dispersals.

The client who provides the ashes and location can customize the Aerial Burial (AB) experience. They can set up a target to shoot or balls can be shot, returned then shot again. The client can pull the trigger or designate a family member. People of all ages with or without disabilities can shoot the cannon. The AB fee covers a two hour time frame on location. The AB process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. This service allows the client a unique method to celebrate the life of their love ones.