Groomery entrance in Mount Washiington

Our shop at 1619 Sulgrave Ave.

The Groomery of Mount Washington provides professional dog and cat Grooming in Baltimore, Maryland since 1986.  We are only minutes from Pikesville, located right off I-83 at Northern Parkway!  All Breeds of dogs & cats are accepted.  

Our standard service includes dremeled or clipped toenails, cleaning of ears, baths with optional medicated shampoo, hand dried and scissored clip finish. We are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, excluding holidays.

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Address 1619 Sulgrave Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209
Phone (410) 367-3647


When …”it’s that time to get Jake to get groomed, they did such a wonderful job.”-   Benice S.

“Humphrey and Lily are ready for holiday pictures!! Great job Groomery in Mt. Washington!!”- Georgia J.-D.