Harford Community College Dog Grooming Program

Learn how to become a dog groomer with the Harford Community College Dog Grooming Program.

The Harford Community College Dog Grooming Certificate program can be completed in less than 6 months, and includes a hands-on externship in a grooming salon!

Students learn the role and responsibilities of a dog groomer while exploring the skills needed for the workplace and will explore basic grooming techniques for dogs. Students also learn skills related to ethics and professionalism, customer service, dog breed identification, dog anatomy, skin disorders, parasites, animal behavior and handling, bite prevention, sanitation, equipment identification, and a general overview of grooming.

Dog Grooming Program Courses:

Animal First Aid and CPR:
Harford Community College Dog Grooming Program

Become a licensed groomer in just 6 months!

Animal first aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill pet until competent veterinary care is available. This course provides information on caring for dogs and cats as well as guidance about how to determine when pets need professional treatment. Topics include initial assessment, restraint application, basic emergency care, CPR, common illnesses and injuries, and medication administration. Course requirement for all Dog Grooming students.

Dog Grooming I: Introduction to Dog Grooming

Learn about the role and responsibilities of a dog groomer as you explore the skills needed for the workplace. Covering the fundamental basics of dog grooming, you will receive both lecture and hands-on information on topics such as dog anatomy & breed identification; animal behavior & handling; sanitation; ethics & welfare; customer relations; equipment identification & care; basic skin disorders identification; and flea/tick evaluation & treatment options. Prerequisite course required.

Dog Grooming II: Basic Grooming Techniques

Build on the knowledge you gained in Dog Grooming I as you explore basic grooming skills and techniques. Learn and practice essential skills such as proper bathing/drying; brushing/combing; dematting; ear cleaning; nail trims; dental care; anal gland expression; proper clipper use; and scissor control. Prerequisite course and completion of Dog Grooming I required.

Dog Grooming Externship

Participate in an individually scheduled, 50-hour, “hands on” experience related to dog grooming. Observe and practice procedures and skills under direct supervision in a grooming salon. Must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license, and reliable transportation. Weekday, weekend, and holiday hours necessary for successful completion. Prerequisite course, completion of Dog Grooming I, and enrollment in Dog Grooming II required.

Dog Grooming III: Advanced Grooming Techniques

Continue exploring the career of dog grooming as you learn advanced grooming techniques. Gain skills and knowledge related to pattern setting; blending/shaping; hair dying; competitive grooming; business planning; and service add-ons. Prerequisite course, completion of Dog Grooming I & II, and enrollment in externship required.

Technical standards apply. Textbooks required. Senior adult and disabled retiree course fee waivers apply. Transcript available.

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