Holistic Veterinary Healing

Holistic Veterinary Healing in Germantown, Maryland, compassionately provides a whole-listic approach to your pet’s healthcare. Our mission is to provide a balanced and gentle approach to your pet’s healthcare and, above all, cause no harm. Our veterinary services are integrated using both holistic and conventional medicine to bring balance. Call for an appointment.

Our veterinarians are dedicated to collaborating with you as a partner in your pet’s medical care because they understand your pet’s unique place in your family. We treat your pet in much the same way as our own. Additionally, our highly skilled veterinarians and support professionals are dedicated to giving each patient outstanding veterinary care with compassion.

You and your pet will receive the attention you deserve with our unique, comprehensive holistic approach. This unique approach includes longer appointment times where we will review your pet’s history, all previous and present conditions, family dynamics, environment, lifestyle, and diet. We will also discuss vaccine titer testing when applicable and food allergy testing if indicated.

Our holistic approach sees the animal as a whole and focuses on the root cause of disease for projected long-term health. Our goal is to boost the immune system so that your pet can fight off pathogens, viruses, and bacteria thus, living a healthier longer life.

We are a full-service veterinary clinic providing dentistry, surgery, x-rays, annual wellness visits, emergency care, and more (see list below). Call 240-715-6570 for an appointment today. Mention Maryland Pet Gazette for a discount on an initial consult.

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Comprehensive Services We Provide:

Holistic Medical Services:
Alpha Stim
Chiropractic Adjustments
Energy Healing
Essential Oils
Flower Essenes
Gold Bead Implants
Food Therapy
Laser TherapyHVH a Maryland Pet Gazette sponsor
Neoplasene Therapy
Prolozone Therapy
UVB Ozone Therapy
Wellness Care
Diagnostic LabHVH Acupuncture a Maryland Pet Gazette sponsor
Emergency Care
Pet Hospitalization



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Address 12627 Wisteria Dr., Suites C & D
Germantown, MD 20874
Phone (240) 715-6570
Email holvethealing@gmail.com
Website Visit Link Here
Video Introduction to Holistic Veterinary Medicine


What Our Clients Say About Us:

“Dr. Pema and entire staff are very kind and caring professionals and I think our dog Muttley senses that as he normally shakes terribly when we take him to vet’s office, but not when we take him to Holistic. We also appreciate Dr Pema’s recommendation of proper diet and only necessary vaccines based on our dog’s upbringing and lifestyle.”
Nantiya Wong
“I give them my highest praises. Kitty was Shuey’s only vet and now Pema handles his healthcare and takes wonderful care of him. I love their approach to nutrition, science, and medicine without ever fearing him being overmedicated. The entire staff is wonderful. I trust them, what more can I say?”
Lexis Sinclair
:I highly recommend Holistic Veterinary Healing and Dr. Pema. My trust of her and her staff is so high, that I am willing to drive 4 hours, each way, from Pittsburgh, PA to take our fur-babies to see her. She and the entire staff are knowledgeable and compassionate. For me, by far the best option.”
Jon-Paul Giancola
“Everyone at Holistic Veterinary Healing is very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Dr Pema is so insightful and really seems to “listen” to our dogs. We give HVH a ton of credit for helping us navigate through canine epilepsy and cancer using natural methods that just make sense! They have helped us to be the loudest advocates for our furry friends and to look beyond the conventional advice. Thank you!!”
Jennifer Hrebik
“Wonderful team of compassionate caring people. Who goes out of their way to be of service to the animal kingdom. thank you for taking care of my fur babies. If I could give 10 stars I would”
Diane Roadcap
“Dr. Pema and her team at HVH are wonderful. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. My dog, Nico, goes in for acupuncture to help with neurological deficits in his rear as well as nutritional support for his Lymphoma. Nico is thriving and I feel strongly that Dr. Pema’s assistance and expertise have contributed greatly to his quality of life.”
Mirga Zubkus