K9 Koncepts Dog Training, Boarding and Bathing

K9 Koncepts Dog Training, Boarding and Bathing serves dog owners in the Baltimore area with the best services available.

Our team is full of experienced dog lovers who will help train your dogs to be obedient, well behaved, and loving members of the family. We offer dog training and protection, scentwork, agility, puppy classes, canine training services to address aggressive behavior, and more.  Read our blog about why you should train your dog.

We also offer boarding services should your best furry friend need a place to stay when you’re away.

If you’re in need of additional dog care services, we also have bathing available.  Contact us to learn more about the dog trainer, boarding, and dog care services we offer, and schedule an appointment today.

List of Services K9 Koncepts Offers:

  • Puppy Training
  • Unlimited Foundation Obedience

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    Basic Dog Obedience Training

  • Unlimited Advanced Obedience
  • Unlimited Aggressive Rehabilitation
  • Board & Train Program
  • Agility
  • Nosework
  • Loose Leash Walking Course
  • Off Leash Recall Course
  • Interactive Doggy Daycare

    Advanced Training

  • Boarding – Regular
  • Boarding – Aggressive (human/dog aggression)
  • Supply Pet Store

Puppy Class –  Pups Under age of 17 weeks A (depending on vaccinations)

Puppy Kindergarten is  a 6 week program, one day per week. Dogs will learn to come under various distractions and distances, socialization with other puppies and people, and new experiences like ball pit, raised surfaces and different obstacles. Come learn some important topics: Housebreaking, Socializing, Handling, Grooming, Nutrition, crate training and much more! 

Unlimited Foundation Obedience – Ages 5 months and Up

Dogs that need help to live more peacefully with their owners will learn to come, sit, down, walking on a loose leash. Students will come once per week with their dogs to be taught these skills, it comes with lifetime training and unlimited classes.

Unlimited Advanced Class – (Prerequisite Foundation Obedience)

Doggies will learn to be confident off leash and work around other dogs and people completing more advanced commands with hand signals, fun tricks circle, go around, heeling on different sides or between legs and more! Lifetime training with unlimited classes.

Aggressive Rehabilitation- Behavior Modification

Dogs that may have reactivity to dogs and people, or bite history, we can help you to greatly improve the relationship between you and your dog. Our One on One training allows for safe and direct problem solving sessions. Each session is individually designed to meet your specific needs and solve problems. Issues include but are not limited to Human Aggression,  Dog Aggression, Biting & Growling, Possessiveness & Guarding behaviors. We keep in mind there are NO bad dogs, just dogs who haven’t learned correct behaviors. Our aggressive dog behavior training comes from our experience and love of dogs, to make sure people and their pets help each other in the best ways.

 4 Weeks | Lifetime Support | WE DO THE TRAINING FOR YOU! 

Dog training is a skill we have been perfecting for years! We have it down to a science. Dogs will learn Come, Sit, Down, Loose leash walking, Bed/Place, begin the Off Leash w/ E-collar training! You get weekly videos & updates. Dogs can start the program at any age. We can help you fix a range of issues from jumping to potty training. Our trainers build a relationship with the dog to foster communication and fun sessions! The dogs work in various environments with people and dogs! You will have 100% assistance from your trainer through Text & Phone support. Lifetime Training Support!

Agility – Weekly Friday 5pm | 6 Weeks Program 

Come learn a new way to have fun with your dog! Your dog will learn many new obstacles such as Jumps, Dog walk, Tunnel, Tire Jump, See-Saw, Weave poles, A-frame. This is a beginner level class for your dog to have fun, burn energy, learn to balance, rear-end awareness and build confidence.  We meet once a week. This class is great for all types of dogs, young, old, new to training to more advanced. We start out in a group and then work individually. Each dog gets their own time to learn each obstacle.

Nosework – Weekly Thurs 6pm | 8 Week Program 

You will learn a handful of new skills and games to engage and play with your dog. Scent work or Nose work involves the dog learning to use their nose to locate specific scents- BirchAnise Clove.  Our program is 8 weeks long. We meet once a week. This class is great for all types of dogs, young, old, new to training to more advanced. Each dog gets their own time to learn how to find the different scents we hide. We teach you all the games so you can engage with your dog at home too!

Loose Leash Walking Course–  6 Classes | Private Group (2-3 ppl)

Your dog will Learn Loose Leash Walking to eliminate Pulling & No More Jumping! Now you will be able to open the front door without the dog rushing out! The first class is a classroom session and five classes are private sessions.

Off Leash Recall–  3 Classes | Private One on One Sessions

Prerequisite: Loose Leash Walking- The course comes with 1 Dogtra E-collar valued at $280 and your dog will learn the Come Command!


Your dog will stay in our Climate Controlled Kennels with their own Individual outdoor porches. They can let themselves in and out to the porch as they please through the doggy door. They get Individual play time multiple times throughout the day and access to a spacious enclosed yard. Easily add on bathing, nail trim or daycare services. All you need to do is Bring your own food or purchase in-house at the drop-off time, Accommodates all sizes and special needs. We board happy pups to human & dog aggressive dogs. Our facility has lots of experience with working line breeds and aggressive dogs.


Here at K9-Koncepts we also offer bathing, nail clipping and hair care services.

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