NéVetica is a health and wellness company that offers natural and organic products for pets delivered directly to your door.

We educate parents on how they can help their pets live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Although our beautiful headquarters is located in Lanham, Maryland, we are an eCommerce company and offer a business opportunity for those who desire to work from anywhere and make extra income. Call Pamela directly at (240) 203-7206 to answer questions about products or to partner with her and become an independent distributor on a mission to help many four-legged babies and friends.


Vitamin Line

🐾 Hip & Joint

🐾 Skin & Coat

🐾 Digestive 

🐾 Multivitamin 

🐾 Calming

Dental Care Line

🐾 Dental Chews

🐾 Water Additive Mouthwash 

Hygiene Line

🐾 Anti-Itch

🐾 No-Rinse Waterlines Shampoo

🐾 Paw Protector 

Pain & Anxiety Management 

🐾 CBD Oil

Home Care Line

🐾 Wet-A-Way

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Address 4230-A Forbes Blvd, Lanham, MD 20706
Call Direct (240) 203-7206
Email Furbabyexperience1@gmail.com
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What People Are Saying About Our Products

“WOW! I thought for sure I knew everything I needed to know to care for my Yorkie. Boy, was I wrong! So glad to have this guide so Kobe can get on track to better health and me saving money!” Cierra M.

“Thank you! The information you provided was so helpful! Ming is now on the path to better health. By the way, she loves the dental chews! Thanks for explaining how expensive the lack of dental care can be. Really appreciate it!” Francheska A.

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