Professional Arts Pharmacy

Professional Arts Pharmacy compounds medications and offers specialty prescriptions for human and pet patients since 1979 in the Baltimore area.

With our skilled pharmacists and our outstandingly friendly customer service, Professional Arts Pharmacy is able to accommodate every family with their pets’ unique needs. We make sure to take our time when formulating the perfect medication for your companion that will work effectively and can be administered with ease; thus, eliminating the risks of scratches and bites.  An abundance of flavors is available for certain medications and provide formulations that dissolve rapidly in the mouth or can be applied directly to the pet’s skin.

We know that certain medication conditions require individualized therapy of medications and one-size fits all medication therapy does not work. Therefore we work closely with medical professionals to customize medications and their formulations based on the unique needs of their patients. Professional Arts Pharmacy ships to Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

We specialize in: Pet treats, transdermal accupens, fast-dissolving tablets, oral suspensions and solutions, rectal gel (for seizures), capsules, cream, gel, and many more!

We get medications to you on the same day (within 10 miles) and overnight delivery is available as well. Our pharmacy also offer a free delivery program straight to your veterinarian to save you money and a trip to the pharmacy. Refills can be ordered via our website or smartphone app. The best of all, besides our top-rated customer service, is that we will gladly beat any lower price you find at another pharmacy. We do this because we appreciate your business and do not think you should have to spend more to help your beloved pets.

Try us out TODAY by calling (443) 200 – 1200 or visit our website at

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Address 3138 Rogers Ave
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Phone (443) 200-1200
Website Visit Link Here
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What Our Clients Say About Us:

“Professional Arts Pharmacy is phenomenal! Every member of their team is pleasant, professional, patient and knowledgeable. Professional Arts compounds a medication for our dog we cannot get at a regular pharmacy and flavors it for ease is taking it since pill pockets and other disguises no longer work. The ability to easily refill online adds to the positive experience.” Maureen P.

“I’ve been to these folks for a number of years for various cat prescriptions. It’s so wonderful to have a place that will liquefy medications right near me. They’re nice, reasonable, and the directions they’ve written for a new script are written in a delightful conversational tone.” – Robin R.

“I have been getting medicine at Professional Arts Pharmacy for over a year now, for my cat with hyperthyroidism that is unable to take pills. The staff has always been pleasant, courteous, and efficient with refills and pick up. Thank you!” – Jennifer M.

“I’ve been really happy with my experience with Professional Arts. They compound medication for my Pomeranian. When I call for a refill, they coordinate the request with the vet and have it done in a day or two. They also offer a choice of flavors which makes it tastier for my pup. We’ve use this Pharmacy for 3 years! – Diane D.

“Professional Arts Pharmacy is OUTSTANDING! The folks here are not only professional but they are kind, quick and are always looking out for their patients. Professional Arts compounds a couple of my tablet meds for my fur babies into liquid which makes it a lot easier for me to medicate plus they can add a flavor. One of my best experiences!!!!” Bev G.

“Initially we were not sure if our picky cat would like it, Professional Arts Pharmacy was open to letting us get some to try first before having to buy a month’s supply. We also searched options and could not find any cheaper anywhere else. Lastly, we are always able to get the medication filled in a timely manner, which has been a great help!” Shelley P.
“Overall, we are very pleased with the products and services we have been receiving. They get medications quickly and accurately to our clients.” Paradise Animal Hospital

“Countryside Veterinary Clinic, a state-of-the art full-service veterinary clinic, in Howard County, MD has relied on Professional Arts Pharmacy since the early 1990’s to provide compounded veterinary pharmaceuticals for our patients. The previous owner, Sam, and the current owner, Thai, and Cathy are outstanding happy, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable pharmacists that will go to any lengths to prepare medications for our furry canines, felines, and exotics. They get on the phone easily to help us if we have any questions. They provide oral capsules and tiny tabs, transdermal preparations, special ear medications based on sensitivity, flavored treats, and more. They deliver compounded medications to our hospital quickly and faithfully – even during the unexpected snowfall! They are independently owned and are a crucial partner to our busy veterinary practice.” Countryside Veterinary Clinic