Need Special Medication for your Pet?

Need Special Medication for your Pet? Many pets and people have unique medication needs; the dose or the required dosage form to administer the drug may not be available in a commercially manufactured product…

Not all Compounding Pharmacies are the Same!

For these cases, for example, where a smaller strength capsule is required, a ear cream delivery system is needed for those hard to dose pets or where a chicken/fish flavored liquid is preferred, a Veterinarian may write a prescription for your pet’s specific requirements. This is where compounding comes into play; compounding pharmacies complete the triad of Practitioner, Pharmacy and Patient/Pet relationship; the Veterinarian and Pharmacist work together to prescribe and prepare your pet’s medication specific to the their individual needs.

However, choosing an accredited Pharmacy by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) will ensure the Pharmacy is in compliance with the highest national standards that are in place to make sure you are receiving the highest quality compounded products available. PCAB is a service of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care they make sure that all current regulations are being followed such as:

  1. Standard Operating Procedures are in place and are being followed for all daily operations.
  2. All staff is properly certified and are continuously trained and instructed; which includes validation of the compounding process and being up to date with any changes in the laws and procedures that may effect the compounding of any product.
  3. That the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines for compounding are being followed; USP 795 for non-sterile and USP 797 for sterile.
  4. All ingredients used in compounding are being purchased from FDA inspected facilities and are accompanied by a certificate of analysis documenting the chemical ‘s identity and purity.
  5. Quality Assurance programs are in place and are being followed ensuring that the best possible products are being dispensed.
  6. Finished products are sent to independent labs periodically to test for potency and in some cases sterility for sterile products. Not only does this prove potency, it ensures staff is properly trained and following the correct procedures for compounding particular products.
  7. Expiration dates must be in compliance with USP guidelines and current studies.
  8. PCAB accredited pharmacies must have proper documentation of every ingredient in the compound. This usually includes a hard copy log as well as an electronic record of the formula which documents the individual chemicals used along with each lot # and expiration date of all ingredients in the finale product.
  9. At this time, PCAB accreditation is not a requirement but a choice that select pharmacies have made to set themselves apart from others and to provide their patients the highest level of excellence possible.

For more information, contact or have your veterinarian contact Knowles Apothocary, a PCAB accredited pharmacy for your pet’s compounding needs with prompt delivery/shipping available. Call 301-942-7979 or visit our page here.