UVB Ozone Therapy for Pets

UVB Ozone Therapy for pets is good for prevention and treatment of many diseases and for preventive health care can be performed regularly.

Holistic Veterinary Healing

UVB Ozone Therapy for pets device

HVH uses Ozone and UVB light for any and all diseases including cancer. Ozone is O3 (one Oxygen molecule plus one unpaired O) and as such provides the body with much needed oxygen, detoxification and strengthening of the immune system. Many disease states are in a hypoxic state and in need of oxygen for repair and healing.

Ozone can be given rectally as a gas or injected sub-cutaneously, at acupuncture points, or directly into tumors. The gas can also be combined with the patient’s blood, irradiated through UVB light and reintroduced back into the body intravenously. Increased energy is a positive side effect of this treatment.

UVB Ozone Therapy for pets is also administered by a holistic veterinary specialist who can administer the process on a regular scheduled basis. For a healthy pet, HVH recommends treatments monthly or quarterly, and for those with an illness, treatments are recommended weekly or every two weeks as needed. Presented by Holistic Veterinary Healing. For more information contact Dr. Pema Mallu at 240-715-6570, visit Our Page, or email holvethealing@gmail.com.