Puppies and Kittens Need Blood Work Too!

Puppies and Kittens Need Blood Work Too! It begins with a healthy adoption or purchase and continues at the first visit to your veterinarian. When pets come in for first vaccinations, they are given a thorough physical examination. This is called a wellness examination. If problems are discovered, they are addressed individually. Problems could range from something as common as intestinal worms or overgrown toenails to something as serious as a congenital liver or heart defect. There are some problems in young pets that can go undetected for a period of time before they cause trouble. That is why it is recommended to get baseline blood work on young pets even if they look like they are very healthy. Baseline blood work can detect small changes and can be used to show any trends in organ systems (liver, kidney, blood sugar, etc.) throughout your pets’ early years. This is the new trend in wellness among veterinarians today and reflects the preventative care model and wellness approach in veterinary medical practice. Ask your veterinarian about baseline blood work for your young pets, followed up with annual blood work at or around vaccination time. You can receive a report of the results to keep for your records. It will make a positive difference in the overall well-being of your healthy, happy pet. Compliments of Takoma Park Animal Clinic. For more information, contact Dr. Jo Anne Carey at 301-270–4700 or visit www.takomaparkanimalclinics.com. See ad page 51.