Why Americans Should Train Their Dogs

If you ever been in a restaurant in Europe you’ve probably seen people with their Dogs lying quietly under the Table. They have been trained to survive in a human society. Isn’t this our obligation as a pet owner?

It isn’t magic. They are animals with the instincts and drive to survive in their world. To have a happy, balanced dog that is a pleasure to be with requires training which dogs are only too happy to accept.

Go to a professional for help with your dog and remember a bargain dog trainer or pet shop is probably a total waste.  Make sure the trainer has successfully trained dogs by asking for references.  Your professional will actually train you to your dog so jump in and have fun teaching your pal how to behave, be happy and have the longest possible life.

If all pet owners took this responsibility the shelters and rescues would be empty and people and dogs in this country would be much happier!  For more information, visit K-9 Koncepts or call 410-477-2000.